OKBet Slot Recap: what’s new on Aboutslots this week? (Sep 03-09)

Another week has passed, and more slots have been added to the dizzying array of options available in the world of igaming. Aboutslots has reviewed the most intriguing ones, so take a look and see what the next game you should definitely try is.

This week, we  have gems from Yggdrasil, OKbet Free Mobile Casino Slots, and more!

Of Sabers and Monsters

okbet onlineslot games sabers and monsters

Of Sabers and Monsters is a new OKBet Mobile casino slot that features four saber-wielding Cossack heroes who fight monsters and turn into wild symbols whenever they win. The Cossacks are predominantly East Slavic people who originated in Ukraine’s steppes. They are known for being semi-nomadic warriors with strong democratic traditions.

On the fields of Of Sabers and Monsters, you’ll find two different free spins features as well as a feather bonus symbol that awards random bonuses like cash wins up to 200X the bet, extra free spins, and a random wild reel. The brave heroes can also wager all of their free spins for the chance to win even more. Let’s go; the Cossack fields await.

Happy Hooves

OKBet Online Slot Casino's Happy Hooves

Happy Hooves is a new OKBet online slot casino in which we travel to a ranch full of our favorite four-legged friends.

It’s a place where, at first, the peaceful music gives off a calmer vibe, but once the Powernudge feature kicks in, things can quickly become more intense. This Powernudge mechanic is a very entertaining feature that we’ve seen in previous games from this game provider, including Goblin Heist Powernudge.

During the spins, you can win up to 5000X your bet, so let’s see how this is possible.

Mountain M

Mount M is a new OKbet online casino slot set in a desolate winter landscape with ice and snow. Mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and other tough-skinned creatures are all working hard to help you win big. Wild symbols contain orbs that can cause the middle reels to expand to 8 rows high, giving the player 8192 ways to win.

The expanding reels will also improve the animal symbols, increasing the likelihood of winning big. It’s time to put on all your clothes and travel back in time to fight the cold alongside Mount M’s wild animals.

Paradise in Phoenix

Phoenix Paradise is a new OKBet casino dream slot in which we travel to a dense jungle where the Phoenix birds live the good life. The Phoenix bird derives from Greek mythology, where its most famous characteristic was the ability to rise from the ashes.

This game developer has provided us with a number of slots featuring mythological creatures over the years, including Beat the Beast: Griffin’s Gold, which is part of their Beat the Beast series. When you find yourself in this place, you quickly realize that this is a paradise for these magnificent birds, and the fact that you can win up to 10000X your bet certainly helps. Let’s take a look at this slot and see what you can expect to see during the spins.

Drop Neko Night Dream

Neko Night Dream Drop is a new Okbet casino mobile app slot that features a Japanese catgirl and some real cats that eat wild fish symbols while producing respins. This game features the Dream Drop Jackpot, which can pay up to €10 million. Previous Dream Drop games were remakes of current games with little or no changes other than the addition of the Jackpot. Apart from the incredible Jackpot, Neko Night Dream Drop is an entirely new Japanese story with exciting free spins and a max win of 20000X the bet.

Toro de Buffalo

Buffalo Toro is a new OKbet mobile casino slots in which we meet the Toro and the Matador once more in a spectacular gaming adventure. This duo has faced off against each other in numerous other game editions, including Book of Toro, Wild Toro 2, and Toro 7s. They’ve returned to the wild west, where another colossal horned beast, the mighty buffalo, awaits.

It’s a location where a few of the rare golden buffaloes can be found, as well as great treasures waiting to be discovered. Toro Goes Wild is one of the lucrative and thrilling features that facilitates the hunt for big wins in the gaming adventure. During the spins, you can win up to 50000X your bet, so let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Money from the Midway

Midway Money is a new OKBet mobile slot app set at a fair where a strongman expands the reels, a fire-eating woman upgrades symbols, and several reel symbols can turn wild in the Duck Shoot. These features are triggered by landing two Strength Meter symbols that cause a man to swing a club at a classic fair attraction in order to ring a bell.

You could land up to three features in one shot if the Ferris wheel spins your way. This large park has more to offer than most games, so bring the whole family.

6 Tribute Rubies

okbet free mobile slot no deposit 6 rubbies of tribute casino

OKbet free mobile slots no deposit’s new casino slot 6 Rubies of Tribute is set in a hidden Aztec temple. The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in modern-day Mexico during the 14th and 15th centuries. The culture is known for being modernly organized into city-states and, at times, brutally violent.

The temple features a 5X3 grid and the ability to trigger both free spins and the Link&Win respins feature. During the free spins, the three middle reels will merge into one colossal symbol, counting as nine symbols of the same kind. It’s time to enter this temple and see what it has to offer.

A sneak peek at what’s to come!

Aboutslots.com is always providing scoops and previews. We’ve added a lot of upcoming slots to our list this week. Are you ready to take a look? You’ll find masterpieces from Relax Gaming and iSoftBet that will be released in the coming months.

Mayan Multiplier Mayhem

OKBet free mobile slots casino  mayan multi mayhem

Mayan Multi Mayhem is an OKBet free mobile slots casino that transports us to the ancient civilization of the Mayans. The theme has previously been explored in games like John Hunter and the Mayan Gods and Mayan Waterfalls. However, we believe that this is an intriguing setting that has yet to be overused, and iSoftBet has created a refreshing and modern game with top-notch graphics and gameplay. The Mayans were a Mesoamerican civilization who lived in Mexico’s south, Guatemala, and northern Belize. They were known in part for their logosyllabic script. We are not experts in this field, but from what we can tell, the symbols in this script serve as game symbols. Enough with the historical recitation. Let’s check out the game!

Diamonds Dream Drop

best slots on OKBET dream drop diamonds

Best slots on OKBet’s Dream Drop Diamonds slot transport us to a seaside villa or resort where we are showered with cars, jet skis, and diamonds! We’ve seen flashy slot games with similar settings, like Hotline 2, but nothing quite like this. We rarely see a game where the atmosphere and theme complement the gameplay so well, but Relax has truly nailed it here. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as the saying goes, and this is true in Dream Drop Diamonds. However, for the time being, we will leave it at that cliffhanger, so keep reading to find out what we mean. In the regular game, this extravagant slot offers a progressive jackpot with a cap of €10,000,000 and a maximum win of 10,000x. This potential is undeniably related to the theme.

Rewind Your Fortune

new okbet live casino slots online fortune rewind

Fortune Rewind is a new OKBet live casino slots online slot featuring the scientist DR. Tempis, who has just built herself a time travel machine. But there’s one problem: she has no idea how to control it, so the player will be thrown between prehistoric dinosaur eras and super-futuristic landscapes in 2602. The Rewind feature transports the player back in time, adding wild symbols to the reels until a win is achieved, whereas the Fast Forward feature upgrades symbols in a win to generate higher payouts. All wins containing a special symbol for each era will be multiplied up to 20 times during the free spins. Take a deep breath and prepare for a ride through space and time.

Hold & Win Dragonfire: Chamber of Gold

new okbet free poker slots casino chamber of gold and win

Dragonfire: Chamber of Gold Hold&Win is a new OKBet free poker slots casino slot featuring sorceresses and magicians. The game includes the Hold&Win feature, which we’ve seen several times before. The difference between Mighty Stallion Hold&Win and Rising Samurai Hold&Win is that the cash symbols in the Hold&Win feature can be collected within the feature, and the player has the opportunity to make even more money by starting over with respins on a blank grid. All you have to do is land 5 dragon eggs, and you could win up to 16000X your bet.

Wild Zone Hot

okbet poker slot machine casino hot zone wild

Hot Zone Wild is an OKbet poker slot machine casino slot with a classic fruit theme, Vegas-style gameplay, and a lot of potential. So take a seat, close your eyes, and imagine you’re at a real-world casino with all of your friends. The game is based on iSoftBet’s previous hit Euphoria, but it feels very different. It still has a bonus game with a massive, increasing multiplier, but they’ve outdone themselves by allowing it to reach 10,000x. If you’re lucky enough to get that, the game’s 20,000x maximum win should be right around the corner. We’ll take a risk and assume that a multiplier of 10,000x will pique your interest, so let’s see what else Hot Zone Wild has to offer!


There’s a lot more on the way, and we’d love to hear your ideas for reviews that the Aboutslots team hasn’t covered yet. Tell us which of these games you’re going to try first, and we’ll see you next week for another update!