OKbet News: Why Golf is the New Soccer for the Betting Industry?

Yes, I am aware. The title is strange/provocative/irritating; choose your response but do not ignore it. Especially if you own an online betting company. Golf, whether you like it or not, could be a new gold mine for the industry.

Golf betting has been on the rise for some time. Especially in international markets, where this beautiful discipline has long been a part of the sports offering. If you look at an offer from OKbet legal sports betting Ph, you will notice how important golf is in their pregame and LIVE offer.

Is it time for Europe to follow suit? The only question you should ask yourself should begin with “when,” not “if.” There are several reasons why you should consider this add-on. Let me just name a few of the most enthusiastic supporters of golf betting.

What makes golf so appealing for wagering?

  • Bettors can join on a large scale by betting on the potential tournament winner, making the sport easy and accessible to all.
  • There is more to come as golf bets include betting on head-to-head matches and players finishing tournaments in a specific set of places (TOP3 etc.)
  • If you require more, you can offer to bet on a specific player’s score with over/under options.
  • More detailed bets include betting on specific hole performance, and the majority of this can be done LIVE.

Because golf is an easy sport to follow and understand, even a beginner can start betting on it quickly, which only increases the potential turnover of betting companies that dare to include it in their offering.

We must be fair and say that, while the share of OKbet golf betting in the Philippines is currently in the single digits, the trend is clear and should not be ignored. So, either join the revolution today and become a prophet or risk becoming a follower who is always fighting for the remaining market share.

So far, nothing has changed – soccer remains the unrivaled number one for betting all over the world (if we total the bets worth as locally, other disciplines could lead the top), but golf has the dynamics of rising that other sports can only dream about.

Starting with a one-digit share, it has the potential to quickly grow into a strong two-digit new kid on the block. And it’s only natural that you invite them to your band.