NBA Draft Odds: The Wembanyama Race

The weeks before the NBA Draft usually involve intense debate over who should be the top pick.

The odds for this year’s NBA draft show that 2023 is just a gimmick to get people excited about Victor Wembanyama before the French beanstalk is picked in May.

We’ve updated our odds to go first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, just in time for the league to welcome its most intriguing prospect in years.

Potential No. 1 selection in the 2023 NBA Draft

Victor Wembanyama (-8,000)

The 7-foot-2 adjective-defier currently dominating the LNB Pro A for Metropolitans 92 is Victor Wembanyama, and he has yet to generate this much excitement about a draft prospect in quite some time.

NBA Draft - Victor Wembanyama

Despite breaking even the most optimistic player comps from the NBA’s recent crops of “unicorn” big men like Jaren Jackson Jr. and Chet Holmgren, Wembanyama’s dynamic combination of long-range shooting and transcendent rim protection has made him a can’t-miss atop this year’s board.

Wembanyama may still be extremely skinny, but his skill set is so varied and extensive that whoever signs him for the upcoming season will immediately benefit in several ways. The horizon is infinite from that point on.

Understanding NBA Draft betting

You can expect to see the above American odds displayed at most sportsbooks. Zion Williamson’s odds of being selected first in the 2019 NBA Draft started with a minus (-) sign.

Zion Williamson -2,000

To win $100 betting on Zion, a bettor would have to risk $2,000. The odds of winning were positive for everyone else in the competition.

RJ Barrett +550

Williamson’s Duke teammate, RJ Barrett had the second-best odds at +550. For each $100 staked, a bettor stands to win $550 if Barrett succeeds.

If the American odds don’t suit your tastes, you can easily convert them to decimal or fractional form using a tool like our odds converter. You can also adjust the odds display settings at most online sportsbooks.

NBA Draft betting trends

Recent tendencies in the NBA Draft odds betting market are as follows:

The first-round picks have been evenly distributed across the available roles. In the last 20 NBA Drafts, 8 forwards, 7 guards, and 5 centers have been selected.

Since high school players were ruled ineligible 16 years ago, the majority of top picks have been “one-and-done” college freshmen.

With the 2022 selection of Paolo Banchero, Duke becomes the first NCAA school ever to have five first-ever picks. Explore online NBA betting sites to wager on the future success of these top-tier athletes.